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Environmental Policy

Allfords Recycling centre recognises that are day to day operations can impact both directly and indirectly on the environment. As such it is important that we have and maintain a clear environmental policy that is readily accessible and understandable.  

This policy clearly sets out the expectations the company has of all employees to ensure compliance to our policy and the standards are achieved. Our Environmental Management System provides a framework for the management of our environmental activities, procedures and reporting.

All employees of Allfords Recycling Centre Limited and all its subsidiaries, whether permanent or temporary, based in the UK must fully comply with this policy.

Allfords is committed to the environmental standard principles of ISO14001:2015 including: 

  1. Full compliance with all relevant legal requirements, codes of practice and regulations.
  2. Prevention of pollution to land, air and water.
  3. Sharing best practice and working with relavant bodies to keep up to date with changes and improvements.
  4. Working towards environmental objectives and tracking performance.
  5. Continually evaluating our performance and compliance to ensure we take  opportunities to improve.
  6. Recycling waste where possible.
  7. Actively reducing water and energy usage.
  8. Minimising waste and increase recycling within the framework of our waste management procedures.
  9. The identification and management of our environmental risk and hazards.
  10. Promoting environmentally responsible purchasing wherever possible including the purchase of fuel-efficient  vehicles.
  11. Providing suitable training to enable employees to deal  with their specific areas of environmental control.
  12. Continually reviewing and improving the environmental efficiency of our operations and minimising vehicle emissions.
  13. Establishing mechanisms to measure and drive continuous improvement in our environmental performance

Review Date: September 2019